Silver Blades Events

Silver Blades is dedicated to making life at the rink fun as well as a space to develop and hone the skaters' skills. We run several events throughout the year, including: 

  • A Skate and Dress Sale where you can stock up on gently used skates and apparel at awesome prices
  • An Open House, run biennially, in December to showcase some of our skaters and a family skate
  • Four Test Days through the year to give the skaters a chance to try the Skate Canada tests to progress through the test stream
  • A Club Competition where skaters can compete in a fun, relaxed atmosphere
  • CanSkate Olympics, run biennially, as a "fun day" on the last CanSkate session of the year
  • An Ice Show, our most celebrated event, also run biennially, a full fledged show that features our skaters and coaches, typically showcasing a talented guest skater
  • An End of Year Banquet open to Preliminary and STARSkate skaters as a way to celebrate our skaters' achievements with dinner, dancing, award presentations and test levels passed