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Online Registration Guide

Silver Blades has an online registration process. Here’s how you can use it to
register and
pay online:

1.    Go to and click the Login link in the top right corner of the home page.

2.    If you have already created an Uplifter account on the new website, simply enter your login email address
       and password on the left.


       If you don’t have an Uplifter account yet, complete all the fields in the Family Account Login
, Member Information, Address and Message Lists sections, and then click the blue
       CONTINUE button at the bottom. Next you will be prompted to Add a New Skater. For each skater in
       your family, complete all fields in this section and click the blue ADD SKATER button.

3.    You are now ready to register for sessions, so click on REGISTRATION in the navigation bar. Browse
       through the current programs, or use the Categories, Seasons and Locations filters on the left to find
       specific programs. Once you find a session you’re interested in, click the blue REGISTER button to select
       it. Each session you select will be added to your Shopping Cart at the top of the page.

4.    Once you have selected all of the sessions you’d like to register for, click on Shopping Cart. If this is
       your first registration of the upcoming season, you will need to pay an annual $50 Family Membership
       fee (one per family) and $43.65 Skate Canada fee (one per skater). And all Preliminary, Intermediate,              Junior and Senior members must also pay an annual $20 Test Administration fee (one per skater). Click             the blue ADD SUBSCRIPTIONS button to add these fees to your Shopping Cart.

5.    Click on Shopping Cart again to see a summary of your registrations. Review the details carefully,
       including the skater name attached to each program. You should also check that your single-skater
       multiple-session discount has been applied correctly as follows:

       PreCanSkate                                                      2 sessions - 25% off total session fees
       CanSkate                                                            2 sessions - 30% off total session fees
       Preliminary/Junior/Intermediate/Senior          3 sessions - 15% off total session fees  
                                                                                   4 sessions - 25% off total session fees
                                                                                   5+ sessions - 35% off total session fees

       Once you are sure everything is correct, click the blue CONFIRM & REGISTER button.

6.    If you are registering for PreCanSkate/CanSkate or CanPower, full payment is required upon registration.
       If you are registering for Preliminary, Junior, Intermediate or Senior, you have the option to either pay
       the whole total owing now or pay in two installments as follows—DUE AT REGISTRATION: 60% of total
       session fees + $50 Family Membership fee (one per family) + $43.65 Skate Canada Fee (one per skater)
       + $20 Test Administration fee (one per Preliminary/Junior/Intermediate/Senior skater); DUE JANUARY
       15: 40% of total session fees. Select your preference by clicking either Pay Once or Pay by

7.    If you have gift certificates (from PA work or credits for cancelled sessions) and would like to use them,
       check the Use Available Credit box that will display below your total owing.

8.    If you don’t have gift certificates or if your gift certificates don’t cover the total owing, read and accept
       the Skater/Guardian Consent link, click the blue PAY BY CREDIT CARD button and follow through to
       complete your purchase.

9.    VOLUNTEER HOURS DEPOSIT—Silver Blades is a volunteer-run club with over 500 members, and your 
       involvement is critical to our success! That’s why each family registering a Preliminary, Junior, 
       Intermediate or Senior skater is required to put in 12 volunteer hours over the course of the season. And 
       online registrations for skaters at these four levels will not be completed without a $250 Volunteer Hours 
       Deposit. (If you don’t fulfill your family’s 12-hour volunteering commitment, this charge to your credit card 
       will be processed on May 1.)

       If you have chosen to pay your total session fees for the season in full at registration, you will need to set
       up your Volunteer Hours Deposit as a separate transaction once you have finished the checkout process.
       To do this, click on the blue Purchase Subscriptions button on the left and add the Volunteer Hours
to your cart. Then follow the same payment steps to complete this separate transaction.

10. THIRD-SKATER DISCOUNT — If you are registering 3 or more skaters from the same household, we offer a               25% discount on the lowest fees, starting with the third skater. 

11.  SKATING UP/DOWN—Skaters are required to register for at least one weekly session at their current 
       level. But we strongly encourage our members to skate on as many sessions at their own level as                     possible since these will be the best fit for their skill level. Silver Blades policy does allow for some skating         up/down, but priority on a session will always be given to skaters who are qualified at that level first, and           requests to skate up or down may not be approved if there is not enough room on the session for                       additional skaters. If you are registering for a session that is one level up or down from your own                       qualification, it will be reviewed by the Board on Thursday, September 5 and you will receive confirmation         by email that your request has been approved or denied on September 6. The Board reserves the right             not to approve skate up/down requests.

If you have any questions, email Heidi Bertignoll at