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2015/16 Registration Update

We hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer so far! We know that many of you are anxious to register your children in skating for the 2015/16 season, so we are sharing the finalized schedule for next year with you now so that you can include skating in your family activity planning. Our mailed registration package is on track to go out in mid-July, and we will be opening online registration then as well. Keep an eye out for an email announcement to this effect soon.

Please note that the requirements for SSI, SSII and SSIII have changed this season to help us better manage the number of skaters on each session, but with grandfathering considerations in effect. The new requirements are:  

  • SSI - must have passed TWO complete Preliminary tests, i.e. Dance, Skills or Freeskate Parts 1 and 2, OR have been registered on an SSI session in the past 
  • SSII - must have passed ALL complete Preliminary tests, i.e. Dance, Skills and Freeskate Parts 1 and 2, OR have been registered on an SSII session in the past 
  • SSIII - must have passed ALL complete Junior Bronze tests, i.e. Dance, Skills and Freeskate Parts 1 and 2, OR have been registered on an SSIII session in the past 

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