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We are fortunate to have many talented and professional coaches at Silver Blades, all of whom are accredited through the Skate Canada program. Our coaches work on group PreCanSkate, CanSkate, Preliminary and Junior sessions, as well as providing private lessons at all program levels.

Private Lessons

While not mandatory, private lessons may start at the CanSkate level and can greatly help improve a skater's progression. These begin the week after Thanksgiving weekend in the fall and are held during the 10-minute cool-down portion of the CanSkate program.

Once a skater moves up to the Preliminary level, they will need a professional coach to oversee their development and testing, and guide them through participating in local competitions. 

These arrangements and related payments are made directly with the coach, and not through the club. Fee schedules vary. Please be courteous and notify your coach 24 hours in advance if you have to cancel a lesson.

Please email for any questions about arranging private coaching and to receive the full contact details (including email address) for our coaches listed below. 

Pam Baleva


Disciplines Taught:  Preliminary, Junior, Intermediate,
CanSkate private lessons, CanPower

Qualifications:  NCCP Provincial Coach Certified; CanPowerskate Certified; Skate Canada Primary/Juvenile Figure Skating Evaluator Certification

Coaching Since:  2002  

Accomplishments:  95% Low Test Skaters' Pass Rate; Skate Canada’s Continuous Education Program (CEP) – Gold Status 2012-2014; Silver Status 2014-2016; Gold Level Freeskate, Dance, Skills & Figures; Competed in Novice Competitive Single Ladies Freeskate; Senior Bronze Ladies Dance C.O.S.I.C. Champion, Reverse Skater; Registered Practical Nurse.

Barbara Basar


Disciplines Taught:  Preliminary, Junior, Intermediate,
Choreography, Interpretive, CanSkate private lessons



Qualifications:  NCCP Provincial Coach Certified

Coaching Since:  2012  

Accomplishments:  Barbara competed in Novice competitive singles and has achieved Gold Tests in the four main disciplines of figure skating (freeskate, skills, dance and interpretive). Her interest in figure skating lies in the exploration of body movement, proper alignment and artistry on the ice. Helping skaters attain strong technical basics along with discovering skating’s creative charm. Off the ice Barbara is involved in the design world, she holds a bachelor’s degree in fashion design from Ryerson University.

Leah Culotta


Disciplines Taught:  Preliminary, CanSkate, Ice Dance, Freeskate, Skills and Interpretive

Qualifications:  NCCP Regional Coach Certified; CanPowerskate Certified

Coaching Since:  2007

Accomplishments:  Gold Dance, Gold Skills, Gold Interpretive (working on Senior Silver and Gold Freeskate)

Pat Devereux


Disciplines Taught:  Freeskate (competitive and test stream), Skating Skills,
Ice Dance, Stroking, Choreography, Interpretive, CanSkate FastTrack, CanSkate private lessons, CanPower


Qualifications:  NCCP National Coach Certified; CanPowerskate Certified

Coaching Since:  1975

Accomplishments:  Gold Figures, Gold Freeskate, Gold Dances; Founder – Orangeville Training & Skating Centre – 1992; 40+ competitive tests  from Juvenile to Senior; Many finalists at Sectionals; Taught the 1984 Novice Korean Ladies Champion (dual citizen) from beginning to National level; Various skaters toured with Disney on Ice (two skaters with principal roles); 80+ Gold medalists, many from beginner to Gold level.

Availability: Preliminary sessions

Kalina Doruch


Disciplines Taught:  Freeskate, Ice Dance, Skills, Choreography, Interpretive,
CanSkate and CanPower.

Qualifications:  NCCP National Coach Certified; CanPowerskate Certified; CEP Gold Status

Coaching Since:  2004

Accomplishments:  Very experienced in Theater on Ice; Quad Gold Medalist (freeskate, dance, skills, interpretive); Open Ladies C.O.S.I.C. Championship; Former Senior Ladies competitor; Trained by world-renowned coaches and choreographers.   

Kalina has taught skaters at all levels from CanSkate, to adult, to competitive athletes. She enjoys empowering skaters of all ages and sharing her love of skating. She holds a B.A. Hons. in Philosophy and Political Science with a minor in Economics from the University of Toronto, and is pursuing ongoing studies in acting and performance at the Actors Foundry.

Victoria Gemma


Disciplines Taught:  CanSkate

Qualifications:   NCCP Regional Coach Trained 

Disciplines Taught: Canskate, Preliminary

Coaching Since:  2013

Achievements:  Has been skating at Silver Blades since 2002. Completed Gold Freeskate, Gold Skills, Gold Interpretive and Gold Dance. Currently working on Diamond Dances. 

Karen Hanley


Disciplines Taught:  Freeskate, Ice Dance, Skills and Artistic

Coaching Availability: Preliminary Sessions - Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 

Qualifications:  NCCP Provincial Coach Certified

Coaching Since:  1998

Achievements:  Has been coaching in the Etobicoke area for 19 years, and really enjoys helping students reach their goals and full potential. Whether it's learning to stop or passing a Gold test, the thrill is the same.

Ken Langlois


Disciplines Taught:  Ice Dance, Freeskate, Skills, Synchro

Qualifications:  NCCP Regional Coach Certified

Coaching Since:  2005

Accomplishments:  Competed both nationally and internationally in senior competitive dance, and completed the Diamond dance test. Currently still competing in dance and synchronized skating. Coached numerous dance teams to the challenge level, and coached the 2008 national silver dance biathlon champions.

Anastasiya Romanska


Disciplines Taught:  CanSkate, Preliminary


QualificationsNCCP Regional Coach Trained

Coaching Since:  2017

Roksana Sazdanovic


Disciplines Taught:  Freeskate, Ice Dance, Skills, CanSkate private lessons



QualificationsNCCP Regional Coach Certified

Coaching Since:  2006

Accomplishments:  Gold Dance, Gold Skills, Senior Silver Freeskate. Skate Canada Continuous Education Program (CEP) – Gold Status 2012-2014; Silver Status 2014-2016. Student Achievements: 98% pass rate on low and high tests, including Junior Silver, Senior Silver and Gold Skills; numerous medalists at local competitions.

Availability: Tuesday and Saturday Preliminary sessions

Devinder Singh   416-904-3000

Disciplines Taught: Freeskate (Test Stream & Competitive), Ice Dance, Skills,
Artistic, Pairs, Choreography, CanSkate private lessons


Qualifications:  NCCP Regional Coach Certified; CanPowerskate Certified; Skate Canada Sectional Level Technical Specialist

Coaching Since:  2002

Accomplishments:  Senior Competitive Test, Junior Competitive Pairs Test, Gold Freeskate, Gold Dance, Gold Skills. Third in Pre-Novice Pairs at Junior Canadians, second in Novice Pairs in Arizona at North American Challenge. Competed at Canadian Nationals in Senior Men and Junior Pairs for over four years. Competed internationally for Canada in Poland and the United States. Student achievements: Junior Competitive Freeskate, Gold Skills, Gold Artistic, Junior Silver Freeskate and over 30 Gold Dances

Judy Sung


 Disciplines Taught: Ice Dance


Qualifications:  NCCP National Coach Trained

Coaching Since:  1994

Accomplishments:  Judy specializes in ice dance having had numerous skaters pass their Diamond Dances. A former competitive ice dancer, her expertise is with competitive dance teams and she has coached teams to compete at Challenge.

Sonya Von Kaufmann (Shewchuk)


Disciplines Taught:  Freeskate, Artistic, Ice Dance,
Choreography, Skills, Power Skating, CanSkate private lessons

Qualifications:  NCCP National Coach Certified

Coaching Since:  1982

Accomplishments:  Gold Freeskate, Gold Figures, Gold Dance, Gold Skills. Former Ice Capades skater and International Show skater. Former skating coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Currently running power skating schools for hockey players. Students' achievements: 8 Gold Figures levels, 28 Gold Freeskate levels, 14 Gold Dance levels, 16 Gold Skating Skills levels, 9 Gold Interpretive levels, Senior Competitive Free Skating test, Junior Competitive Free Skating test, Novice Competitive Free Skating test, Pre-Novice Competitive Free Skating test, Diamond Dances; numerous other high and low tests. Toronto Maples Leafs in 1993 - Semi Finals - worked with Pat Burns Skating Coach.

Availability: CanSkate, Junior, Intermediate and Senior sessions