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PreCanSkate and CanSkate

Our learn-to-skate programs, PreCanSkate and CanSkate, are our most popular programs. 


The PreCanskate program includes 30 minutes of instruction for children who have never skated before. Average group size is eight skaters. The minimum age is four years old by December 31 of the registration season. 

Helmets are mandatory for PreCanSkate. Refer to the Helmet Policy page in the side navigation for more information. 

Note that the PreCanSkate programs are labelled as PreCanSkate 1 and 2. This simply denotes the first vs. second 30-minute timeslot within the one-hour CanSkate session. PreCanSkate 1 is not a precursor to PreCanSkate 2—they are identical programs. 


Skaters must be able to get up unaided after falling, shuffle forward unassisted and should be just starting to skate backwards. CanSkate offers great preparation for hockey and figure skating. There are five levels, and skaters will be evaluated at the first class and grouped according to skill. Skaters will learn forwards, backwards, stopping, turning and skating skills.

Average group size is eight to 10 skaters. Private lessons are available on all sessions during the last 10 minutes of the session, during the cool-down period. Visit the Coaches page for more information about private lessons and contact information.

Helmets are mandatory for CanSkate. Refer to the Helmet Policy page in the side navigation for more information.   

Which program is best for my child? 

We get asked this question a lot. PreCanSkate is definitely for children who have never skated before. They will be sectioned off in one area of the rink, and the coach-to-skater ratio is smaller than CanSkate. The session is also only 30 minutes long. Typically the age range in PreCanSkate is four to six. CanSkate, on the other hand, uses the the entire rink. The skaters are expected to move from one "station" to the next, with their group, as well as participate in the two-minute "fast track" segments of the program, which involve skating around the rink perimeter in between group lessons. The ratio is slighly larger, and the session length is 60 minutes. This requires more independence and the skating skills to support this.