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Annual General Meeting (AGM) Procedure

The AGM occurs every year, within 60 days of the close of our season, usually mid-May.  An invitation is sent to the membership 15 days in advance of the AGM requesting their presence (or registration if virtual), which will include the following:

  • Time, Date & Location of the AGM
  • Agenda, including link if virtual
  • A list of candidates nominated (if there are multiple nominations, then instructions for voting will be included)
  • Request for AGM Registration to be completed no later than 10 days prior to the AGM
  • 7 days prior:
    • Inclusion of any amendments to the By-laws/Constitution for ratification, Director Reports and list of nominees for the Board of Directors if no duplicates
    • request for Questions to be sent to Board email (send to registrants only)
    • voting survey sent (if virtual) asking registered members to vote on new board, ratifying amendments, accepting last year’s minutes, etc..
  • 2 days prior:
    • voting survey was closed
    • Link to meeting resent to registered members (virtual)

NOTE:  Advance notification of AGM 30 days prior to AGM:

  • Update on website under AGM tab (if in-person, identify location/time/date)
  • include in April Newsletter
  • send email to membership reminding them of upcoming AGM

At the beginning of the Skating season, the Secretary will update the bulletin board with:

  • A Board photo
  • List of Board Members for that season
  • Identify any positions that will become vacant for the next year, if known (and this can be updated throughout the year)

There is a Nominating Committee that is actively promoting the Board positions to members throughout the year, however, this information is to ensure every member is aware of the existing Board positions, should they wish to apply.

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Summarize the Notice of Meeting
  2. Quorum
  3. Motion to accept the Minutes of the last AGM
  4. Season in Review & Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws (President)
  5. Auditor’s Report (Annual Financial Statement)
  6. Other Reports
    • Vice President’s Report
    • Membership Chair Report
    • Test Chair Report
    • STARSkate Chair Report
    • Synchro Chair Report
    • Events Chair Report
    • Competition Chair Report
    • Director at Large – Ice Show Chair Report (alternating years)
  7. Election of Board of Directors and Nominating Committee
  8. Appointment of Auditor
  9. Adjourn meeting

Within 14 days of the close of the meeting, the Minutes will be sent to the membership via email.  A copy of the Annual Financial report can be requested by sending an email to our Office Manager at

Board member re-nominee procedure

  • All Board members apply for their positions via a written email to the Board, no later than 21 days prior to the AGM
  • The Nominating Committee may also recruit a member to join the board in which case they will submit the member’s name to the Board prior to the AGM
  • Terms of Office follow the guidelines laid out in By-law #29

Individual nominee procedure

Any nomination of an individual for election as a Director will:

  • Include a brief summary of the individual’s qualifications, years with the Club, position being applied for and photo
  • Include the written consent of the nominee by signed or electronic signature
  • Comply with the procedures established by the Nominating Committee; and
  • Be submitted to the Board of Directors no later than 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. This timeline may be amended by Ordinary Resolution of the Board
  • There will be no nominations from the floor of the meeting.

Nomination of Board Members

If the AGM occurs at a public venue, then the members voting but be present and in-person, no proxy votes will be accepted. 

  • The vote will be by secret ballot and a simple majority wins.
  • If there is a tie, the current President will act as tie-breaker.
  • If more than two people are nominated and the top two are tied, just those two will go back out for a secret ballot vote.

If the meeting occurs virtually, will occur in the following way:

  • Membership will receive an email to register for the AGM 15 days prior to the AGM
    • Registration must occur prior to 10 days in advance of the AGM
  • If there are multiple nominees for one position:
    • Registered members will receive an online survey identifying the nominated candidates 7 days prior to AGM.
    • Members respond to their online survey 2 days prior to AGM.
    • Online survey results to be tabulated by the Secretary and presented at AGM.



Latest Review Date:  July 8, 2020          Scheduled Review Date:  July 2022          Date Created:  May 2020

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