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Skate Canada Assessment fee

$12 per test

STAR 1-5 Program

In 2018, Skate Canada launched the STAR 1-5 Program, which replaced the former Preliminary and Junior Bronze levels.  The program offers skaters the opportunity to develop basic skating skills in three different disciplines: Freeskate, Skills and Dance.  But in this new program, basic skating skills introduced in the Canskate stages are refined, and more advanced figure skating skills such as single and double jumps, complex spins and ice dance patterns are taught and developed in stages, breaking down their components into building blocks.  STAR 1-5 covers the Learn to Train stage of development and provides a solid pathway to the Learn to Compete stage that follows.  Check out this brief overview for more details.

At Silver Blades, the STAR 1-5 program includes skaters at the Preliminary, Junior and Intermediate levels.  

To increase and maximize coach-directed time during this “golden age of learning,” our club uses a variety of formats, including rotating group lessons, in order to facilitate strong skill development.

There are 23 assessments in the STAR 1-5 program, and skaters will be assessed by the coach who teaches them in each discipline. This way, each child can progress at his/her own pace, and will have immediate access to testing when they are ready to demonstrate readiness to move on to the next skill.

Skaters will usually be assessed on their regularly scheduled session time, although some of the higher-level tests may require a solo performance on clear ice. But rest assured that parents will always be notified ahead of time if their skater is trying a test.

When your skater is ready to be assessed, your coach will let you know or send home an Assessment Notification with your skater.  A Skate Canada fee of $12 is required for each test and it must be paid in advance.

Test fee payments can be made online-it's fast and easy:

  • Login to 
  • Click on Shopping Cart (at the top of the page)
  • Click on Purchase Products
  • Find Skate Canada Assessment (STAR 1-5) and choose to pay for one or up to four tests
  • Print out the payment confirmation email and give it to your coach before the test

All STAR 1-5 tests will be assessed to the same standard used at STAR 1-5 competitions, hopefully making it easier for parents, skaters and coaches to understand results and track progress. Skaters are encouraged to achieve a Gold standard for as many skills as they can, and they will need to have an overall rating of Silver or better to pass.

STAR 1-5 Skater Training Book
Skate Canada has published a Skater Training Book to help skaters and coaches plan a successful season of skating. It has been designed to assist both the coach and the skater in identifying and monitoring specific goals and progression throughout the STAR 1-5 system. Please click this link to print a copy for your skater at home. There will also be a few copies available in the office at the rink for shared reference.

Information on STAR 1-5 Assessments

Click here to see test requirement details for all disciplines:

  • Skills (5 assessments)  
  • Freeskate (9 assessments)
  • Dance (9 assessments)


Questions about STAR 1-5? Please address them to Silver Blades Test Chair Laura Goode at

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