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Skate Up/ Skate Down Policy

Skaters are required to register for at least one weekly session at their current level. But we strongly encourage our members to skate on as many sessions at their own level as possible since these will be the best fit for their skill level. Silver Blades policy does allow for some skating up/down, but priority on a session will always be given to skaters who are qualified at that level first, and requests to skate up or down may not be approved if there is not enough room on the session for additional skaters. If you are registering for a session that is one level up or down from your own qualification, it will be reviewed by the Board by September 2 and you will receive confirmation by email ONLY if request is denied on that day. The Board reserves the right to not approve skate up/down requests.

Preliminary: Cannot skate up or down

Junior: Can skate up to Intermediate

Intermediate: Can skate up to Senior and down to Junior

Senior: Can skate down to Intermediate


Note: on combo sessions (i.e. Prelim/Junior, Junior/Intermediate  or Intermediate/Senior), no up/down skating is allowed.  Only those skaters at the two combo levels will be allowed on those sessions.

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