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Dispute Resolution Policy


  1. Silver Blades Skating Club (herein identified as “SBSC”) supports the principles of dispute resolution and is committed to the techniques of negotiation, facilitation, mediation and arbitration as effective ways to resolve disputes with and among members.
  2. In case of a conflict between SBSC members, the individuals involved in the dispute must make every effort to resolve the conflict amongst themselves.
  3. All registrants of SBSC, including the Respondent, must cooperate with an investigation under this section.
  4. SBSC follows all guidelines identified by Skate Canada’s National Safe Sport Program.


  1. This policy applies to all disputes with and among members or individuals engaged in activities with or contracted by the Club.
  2. A dispute is characterized by a disagreement between two or more parties and may consist of single or multiple incidents. The gravity of a dispute may vary significantly and may be characterized by a range of actions, implications or consequences.  Examples include:
  • A complaint alleging that a board member, volunteer, employee, skater, team, coach, official, parent/guardian or spectator is guilty of misconduct.
  • A dispute relating to team selection.
  • Any other request for resolution of a dispute arising from or relating to the activities of the Club.


  1. Any individual subject to this policy may report a dispute.
  2. After making every effort to resolve the conflict amongst themselves, a complaint can then be made to the President ( in writing (signed and dated by the complainant) as soon as reasonably possible and within seven (7) business days as set by this policy. Should the report involve the President, the report will be subsequently managed by the Vice President.

Note: This form can be requested from the Office Manager at


  1. The President will immediately advise the Executive Board and the Respondent(s) named in the complaint that a complaint has been filed and, within three (3) business days, provide each with a copy of the complaint.
  2. If the dispute is considered to be trivial, frivolous or vexatious in nature, the President will advise complainant and thereafter shall take no further action in relation to that dispute.
  3. The President may extend the time for submission of a complaint notwithstanding the expiration of the time set by this policy.


Will consist of three (3) representatives: Vice President as the Chairperson, one non-executive board member and one coach representative, to be selected at the beginning of the season. 

Should the report involve the Vice President or a Coach, the investigation will be subsequently managed by an alternative member of the Executive Board/Board, ensuring there is no conflict of interest from either party, as per SBSC Conflict of Interest policy.


  1. Disputes will be first referred to the President for consideration, clarification, and possible resolution.
  2. The Investigate Committee will: 
  3. Provide a copy of the complaint to the Respondent within three (3) business days,
  4. Gather information from the Respondent and any witnesses in regard to the dispute,
  5. Facilitate a meeting between the parties and/or
  6. Make recommendations for resolution.
  7. A recommendation will be made to the President. This recommendation may include: 
  8. That the matter has been resolved between the parties and no further action should be taken,
  9. That no further action is warranted based on the facts of the case, or
  10. That the issue needs to be escalated to Skate Ontario for resolution/request a mediator.
  11. On completion of the investigation, the Chairperson shall make a written report to the President, which will include the decision and may relate to any matter disclosed during the investigation.
  12. The Executive Board shall notify the parties of the investigation findings and provide a written report.


  1. The Executive Board shall maintain a record of all decisions of investigations.
  2. The investigation committee and board may consider the decisions of previous investigations but are not bound by the precedent.


  1. If the dispute is not resolved to the satisfaction of both parties, it may be referred to the local Skate Ontario office.
  2. If the Club's Dispute Resolution Process has been exhausted, it implicates a section, or it involves the President or Vice-President or where a conflict of interest exists and/or the matter is not resolved, either party may direct their concern in writing to Skate Canada for resolution in accordance with Skate Canada’s General Disputes Reporting and Resolution Policy (and/or the General Disputes Reporting and Resolution Procedure) through the National Safe Sport Program.
  3. A fee may be charged by Skate Canada to the parties involved.


To demonstrate respect for all parties, the Club shall abide by principles of confidentiality in implementing the Dispute Resolution Policy. 

No Retaliation for good faith reports

Retaliation against an individual who has reported an incident in good faith will not be tolerated and one who retaliates is subject to discipline up to and including expulsion.

Acting in good faith

Anyone reporting a concern must be acting in good faith and have reasonable grounds for believing the information being reported is true and accurate. Any allegations that prove not to be substantiated and prove to have been malicious or intentionally false will be viewed as a serious offence, subject to disciplinary action.


Latest Review Date:  October 28 2020     Scheduled Review Date:  October 202      Date Created:  May 2020


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