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Silver Blades Music Playing Guidelines

  • Skaters are required to bring their own music to each session and take it with them at the end of the session. The club will not store, nor be responsible for, skaters’ CDs.
  • There will be two bins for music - one labeled “Coaches” and one labeled “Skaters”.
  • Dance and skills CDs will be stored in the Coaches bin. These are the property of the club for all coaches and skaters to use.
  • Music will be played alternately from the two bins, however coaches in a lesson have first priority.
  • The Coachs bin will include music for skaters who are in lessons. Coaches may also put requests in line for skaters who are not in lessons.
  • Skaters who want to practice their freeskate solo, dances or skills independently will use the Skaters bin.
  • A skater may play their solo music only twice per session (includes music played during a lesson). This rule may be relaxed at the discretion of the coaches if the session is not busy.
  • Once a skater starts their music, they may NOT stop it and begin again. The music must go to the back of the line in their bin.
  • Prior to test days or competitions, coaches may request a “Solo of the Day”. All skaters not in a private lesson must move to the players boxes until the solo is complete. Each coach may only request one Solo of the Day per session.
  • If there is no music in line, background music may be played.
  • Skaters’ iPods, iPhones and MP3 players may NOT be connected to the sound system, and skaters must not use any sort of MP3 player with headphones on the ice at any time.
  • Be considerate of other coaches and skaters – take your turn, abide by the rules, and please keep the volume to a comfortable level.